Gatoto Integrated Development Programme (GIDP)

GIDP is a Kenyan registered NGO with the mandate to deliver high quality educational interventions at primary and post primary level through partnerships with schools. It was registered in 2006 with the NGO Bureau. GIDP’s primary focus up until now has been in the Mukuru Kwa Reuben slums in Nairobi’s Industrial Area where it is supporting the Gatoto Community Primary School.


Additionally, GIDP runs a post primary sponsorship programme for alumni of the primary school linking them with secondary schools after their KCPE Exams and providing fees and upkeep for them. Up to 50% of the alumni each year are beneficiaries of this programme. The programme has seen over 15 of the alumni proceed to universities in Kenya with 3 already graduated. We run a community support programme which involves supporting 60 families with food and access to medication.

The 2009 National Census put the population of Mukuru Kwa Reuben at 76,000 people. Because it is informal, it does not benefit from government services including sanitation, health, drainage, education, shelter and security services. Evictions of slum residents who constitute 60% of Nairobi’s population are at the mercies of landlords and private developers.


There is only one formal public primary school serving ~1000 children in Mukuru Kwa Reuben while there is no secondary school, public or private. Not a single public school has been established in the last 20 years. Due to the limited education provision, and in spite of GoK’s launch of FPE in 2003 and secondary fees subsidy in 2008, the enrollment level in the slum is only 30%, against a national level of over 85%. On average it costs $200 to send a child to primary school and $500 to secondary for a year. This is a challenge to Mukuru residents where 55% earn between $500 – 1250 per year. 

Food scarcity is an issue and it is estimated that one third of the children are malnourished. With the rate of food inflation reaching 19.2% in May 2011 (CBK) the residents are set to be hit even harder.

Gatoto’s aim is to provide accessible quality education to the underprivileged individuals to realize their full potential. It has reached a 98% annual retention rate. The school consistently tops in the country in, at least, two events in Music National events and wins awards in the Provincial and National levels in ball games. 

GIDP completes termly narrative and financial reports and annual audits. These reports are sent to our donors and supporters besides being posted to our website.

Gatoto uses school fees and donations to provide high-quality education to ~1,000 of the poorest children of Nairobi for a cost of $80/year per pupil. Without Gatoto, these children would receive no schooling.

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