Meet our Staff Members 


Fundamentally, people determine the success or failure of any organization. Given its extremely limited resources, this is especially true for Gatoto. The high demand for jobs in Kenya allows the school to find top-quality staff, even though it cannot afford to pay high salaries. The staff are extremely dedicated to the success of Gatoto, as it provides their livelihood as well as creating an opportunity for the children in the community. 


There are currently 24 teachers and 14 members of support staff, including the manager, an accountant, librarian, a groundskeeper, guards, cooks and a social worker. Great attention is paid when selecting new staff to ensure their commitment to education and the principles of the school.
The majority of the teachers are certified at a "P1" level or higher, and some have over 10 years experience. Their dedication is a major reason for the success of Gatoto. The staff are proud of what the school has accomplished in the past and are confident in its potential for the future. In fact, many volunteer their free time to participate in activities to sustain Gatoto, such as helping apply for grant proposals.


Edith Vihenda Asava

Edith hails from Western Kenya. She has worked for Gatoto for about 18 years. She initially joined Gatoto as a teacher but following restructuring due to a shortfall in donor funds was redeployed to the school’s security section. A highly committed employee, she performs her functions with a high degree of responsibility. She understands that since she is usually always the first person a visitor to Gatoto will meet, she has to constantly champion the values and mission of the school. On the sides, Edith enjoys watching and playing netball

Dorcas Owiko

Dorcas joined Gatoto in the year 205. She teaches Religion, English and Social Studies. Her hobbies are reading novels and writing short stories. She also enjoys watching movies and playing football.

Walter Gwaro

Walter is a professional teacher, he teaches mathematics and science in upper classes. He is also a football trainer and scouts patron. His hobbies are playing games, listening to music and travelling. He has passion on helping small children to achieve their dreams.


Jackline Wairimu

Another alumnus of Gatoto, Jackline completed professional teacher training and happily accepted the offer to come and work in her old school. She enjoys teaching mathematics, English and Social Studies – this last is a combination of Geography, History and Civics. Her hobbies are reading and playing netball.



Peter Omimi

Peter is currently one of our two Deputy Head Teachers, a position he has held for the last 5 years. His experience in the education sector as a teacher goes about fourteen years, all of which have been at Gatoto. His favorite subjects are English, Kiswahili and Religion. His ability as a team player is always evident when working together with other members of the school management team. He loves are athletics, listening to music and travelling. He also sings himself. Going forwards his skills and experience will further be required to bring about a bright future for Gatoto in transforming the lives of the children and local community.




Josphine Muthoni

Josephine is initially from the Rift Valley, one of the unfortunate residents displaced following the election violence of 2002. Highly committed and focused, she hardly lets anyone see the effects of what befell her family show on her face. Highly amiable and always willing to learn, she brings a lot of devotion to work as one of the members of our cooking staff. Together with two other colleagues, together they are a big factor for our being able to everyday feed our 1,000 students and staff.





Naftali Ondeyo Birundu

Naftali is from Western Kenya. He works in the security section and is in charge of the security guards. His experience in provision of security dates over ten years. A highly reliable employee, he possesses close attention to detail. Naftali is always open to taking extra duties and sometimes at very short notice.




Ruth Nduku Kivindyo

Ruth joined the Gatoto team in September, 2011. She enjoys working with the younger children in early primary level. Her favourite subjects are Mathematics, Kiswahili, Science and Religion. Apart from teaching, she likes football and listening to gospel music. She confesses to being happy to work in Gatoto Community School because she found that service to some of the neediest members of the local community is a key driver of the school.

Daniel Oyunge Mosomi

Daniel is from Western Kenya. He is in the Security Section. He brings reasonably wide experience to the field of work having previously served three other security companies namely Twiga Construction Company, Collindale Security and Teragela Security Company. An admirable individual at multi-tasking, Daniel showed just that when we recently ventured into vegetable farming, bringing immense energy to the added chores and succeeding at the same in a short period. On the side he is a soccer and volleyball follower. He makes friends easily and is open to learning new ideas.




Shanice Ndaita

Shanice is among our youngest teachers who joined our staff in 2012. She teaches in the Lower Primary Classes. Her main subjects are English, Religion and Science. Her simplicity is her main strength. She enjoys working in teams and says that that way it is easier to make a change in the society.




Mildred Lungatso Khamasi

Mildred is one of our two senior teachers having been elevated to that position within one year of her stay. She joined Gatoto as an assistant teacher in 2011. She enjoys teaching Mathematics and Kiswahili. A positive team player, she readily gives and embraces constructive criticism while working in a team environment towards a common goal. When not working, she likes reading story books, watching movies and listening to gospel Music.




Betty Nyagoha

I am the Director of GIDP and Secretary to the Board of the Organisation. I am one of 5 founding teachers of Gatoto Community Primary School. A graduate of Education from the University of Nairobi, I have a high passion for equity in universal access to education.

I possess skills in strategic planning, establishing priorities and delegating tasks, motivating teams to reach for their best, and following through to ensure success.

Douglas Lugano Mbarani

Douglas joined our staff as a librarian in 2011. A graduate of Information Technology, he often goes beyond his library duties to help out in computer training and supporting teachers to grow their own computer skills. His relationship with both the staff and children is quite cordial and everyone feels free going up to him for support. A football player and fan, he also assists with training our football team.

David Ilahuya

A resident of Mukuru Kwa Reuben, David is a Security Guard. He says that Gatoto occupies a very special place in his heart as he daily witnesses the transformation of lives of young people that would have been difficult elsewhere. David is a great team player and friendly to children. Aside from his work, he is a committed football fan and player and regularly offers support to our teachers when training children for competitions.

Jairo Angaya

Jairo’s involvement with Gatoto began nearly two years ago when we required a grounds keeper. He is a happy man and enjoys his work. Being constantly in contact with the children, he has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to what is good for children.

Eunice Moraa

Eunice joined Gatoto in September 2015. She works with younger children in early primary level.

Her favourite subjects are Kiswahili, Social Studies and Science. Some of her hobbies include poetry and athletics. She enjoys working with the Gatoto community too.

Evans Ngadi Hegen 

Evans has been a teacher here since 2011. During this period, he has helped Gatoto continue its dominance in the Kenya Music Festivals, winning multiple awards from the Zone to the National Level. His passion for music is infectious and children readily take to him. In class, Evans teaches mathematics and English. His openness to helping weaker children outside of normal class time is commendable.

Emmanuel Kahi

Emmanuel is a qualified mechanic. He joined Gatoto in 2014 as a driver. He is ever so ready to take on assignments at short notice. When not engaged in his duties, Emmanuel will usually be found in the library offering whatever support he can.

Rhoda Mutua

She is aged 45 years old and she is married with three children. She is a social worker by profession. She holds a Diploma in social work and a higher diploma in Counseling and Psychology. Her passion extends beyond just offering counseling services to the children as she is ever willing to support parents and staff to overcome stress and look beyond their challenges. Besides coordinating the school’s child mentorship programme, Rhoda chairs the Child Protection Unit and the Post Primary Programme. She is also in the School Management. She likes listening to music, reading Christian literature and travelling.

Wilberforce Amughumbi

Wilberforce is a teacher of English, Mathematics and Science in upper classes.

He is a competent trained teacher who inspires to instill knowledge, skills and positive attitudes among the children for their bright future. Apart from teaching, he is in-charge of games and sports. He believe in transparency, accountability and honesty and hobbies are travelling, reading novels, and listening to music

Onyango Evans Ngadi

Evans is also an alumnus of Gatoto. He is a teacher by profession and he teaches English, Social Studies, Religion and Mathematics in middle classes. He is also an assistant to the Music trainer. He composes songs and has previously won at Music Festivals. Evans is a member of the internationally acclaimed Kenya Boys Choir that composes and arranges songs in multiple languages. His hobbies are listening to music, travelling and singing.

Gideon Ndambuki

Born and raised in Mukuru in the 90s, Gideon attended his primary education in Mukuru. He is a qualified ECD teacher. He teaches Kiswahili, Religion and Social Studies. Besides that he authors mainly Kiswahili poems and trains the school’s elocution teams which have won multiple County and National Awards in poems and public speaking. He chairs the Kiswahili Department and is a member of both the Child Protection and the Post Primary Departments.

Hellen Chepng'eno

Hellen joined Gatoto in September 2015. She teaches Mathematics and Science in lower primary. Besides teaching, she is involved in supporting the feeding programme by ensuring overall daily school attendance records are properly tracked. Her hobbies are travelling, ball games and listening to music.

Samuel Onchari Ocharo

Samuel joined Gatoto in 2011. He teaches Science, Kiswahili and Social Studies in upper primary classes. He is a member of the Kiswahili department and staff welfare group. His passion to support all children equally regardless of ability has seen him enroll for training in special education. His hobbies include reading short stories, exploration and watching movies

Jackline Kamonya

Jackline joined Gatoto in 2004. She is a cook and helps in preparing meals for the pupils and staff. During her free time, Jackline likes reading novels and watching movies.

Phylis Khaselo

She is a teacher by profession and joined Gatoto in 2016. She teaches English, Social Studies and Religion.

Joseph Oloo

Joseph joined Gatoto School in February 1997 as an untrained teacher. He joined Egoji Teachers College the same year and completed training in 1999. In 1998, Joseph was appointed Deputy Head teacher and six years later rose to the position of Head teacher. His main teaching subjects are English, Mathematics and Social Studies. Besides teacher training Joseph has also studied Business Management and Social Entrepreneurship. Joseph also serves as the treasurer on our board. 

Winfred Maithya

Irene Nzisa

Irene joined Gatoto in the year 2015. She teaches English, Religion and Social Studies in upper classes.

Her passion is seeing children doing well academically and in life at large.

Success of children is her key goal and brings about utmost peace in her profession as a teacher.

She enjoys making friends and reading novels.

Jacinta Waithera

Jacinta was born and raised in Central Kenya.

Her passion for providing education to the underprivileged saw her become one of the five founding teachers of the school in 1994 and soldier on to see Gatoto become what it is today. She is one of the teachers in the school’s pre-primary section. Besides her teaching work, she is closely involved with the scouts’ club. She is one of the coordinators of the school feeding programme. Her other interests include netball and community work.

Josephat Ratemo

Josephat is a teacher by profession, teaching Mathematics, Science, Kiswahili and English in upper primary. He is a volleyball and football trainer. His hobbies are, playing football and listening music. He is kind and can help a child wholeheartedly.  

Monica Mokua

Monica joined Gatoto in 1998 as a pre-school teacher. She heads the games department and trains the school’s netball team that has previously produced players up to the national level. She coordinates the school feeding programme. A good mentor, she is involved in counseling mainly girls.

Josphat Odhiambo

Odhiambo joined Gatoto in January 2016. He is a teacher by profession and ready to nature the young to achieve their dream.

His hobbies are travelling and playing football.

Sharon Kivuva

Sharon joined Gatoto in 2011. She is a teacher in profession who enjoys teaching Mathematics, English and Science with the vision of making children excel in their life. During her free time she sings, plays volleyball and shares constructive ideas with colleagues.

Jacqueline Wanjira Bafirawala

She is aged 51 and a mother of three children. Jacqueline is an accountant by profession and holds a Certified Public Accounts certificate and a higher certificate in C.I.P.S. She has 28 years of experience in her carrier and she joined Gatoto in 2005. Singing and dancing are some of her interests.

Jane Migaliza

She joined Gatoto in 1996. She is a cook and helps in preparing meals for our pupils and staff. Swimming is her hobby and she enjoys it during her free time.

Faith Imali

Patrick Onyait

Patrick joined Gatoto in 2009. He works at the school as a security officer. His hobbies include bible study and watching football matches.

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