We are proud of our students who were able to complete their secondary schooling through the support of the GIDP sponsorship programme, after completing their formative years at Gatoto Primary School. 

Baraza K. Benson


I am a single 24 year old male. I received my primary and secondary education at Gatoto Primary School from 2002 – 2006. The last year was sponsored. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Music at Kenyatta University, and earn my living from teaching guitar and music lessons. My passion for music and singing would not have been achieved without the support of the Gatoto Integrated Development Programme and their sponsors.

Sylvester Oloo


The Gatoto school and community, surrounded by the Mukuru slums, has been the inspiration in my search for academic excellence, and the improvement of my future and life.


As an Alumnus of Gatoto Primary School, I continued my eduation at St Thomas Aquinas High School and thereafter enrolled at the University of Nairobi. During my two years waiting for sponsorship to attend the University, I taught, mentored and coached at Gatoto, in the hopes of “giving back” to the community that had been such a support and example to me in my studies, education and life.


The education I have received and the influence of Gatoto, has encouraged me to fully exploit my potential, talents and abilities in my future career for the benefit of the whole community.

Daniel Barasa Oloo


Date of Birth: 19th May 1986


I am an outgoing and articulate Science (Biochemistry and Zoology) graduate. My specialization is health and pharmaceutical products, as well as possessing a “healthy” knowledge of the principles of quality control, research, science and biotechnology.I attended Gatoto Primary School, Nairobi from 2000 – 2001, and completed my education at St Ignatius High School Mukumu Boys’. I received my degree from Egerton University. The Sky and Earth Bio-Technology Development Ltd currently employs me as a medical representative.


The Gatoto family has made a positive impact on my life, and provided me with inspiration and motivation in the pursuit of my goals.

John O Mugoma


Date of Birth: 15 May 1986


Long Live Gatoto!

Gatoto Primary School shaped my future and partly sponsored my Kenyatta University education, where I completed a Bachelor of Education in English and Literature. The foundation of my success, was laid at the age of 13 years when I joined Gatoto Primary and thereafter, completed my high school education at Butula Boys’ High School.


Prior to joining the University, I worked as a volunteer teacher at Gatoto for two years.


The holistic approach of the school to the students – physical, emotional and social – is impressive, and the positive expansion of the school and their invaluable programmes is due to the hard work, dedication and commitment of the staff, who have the support and appreciation of the surrounding Mukuru community. Gatoto continues to shape the lives of many students, who would not normally have had the opportunity to improve their standing and education in life. 

Julius Kiboen Maruja


The experience and education acquired at the Gatoto Primary Community School remains indelible! I am an Alumnus of this esteemed institution, which has encouraged my goal “to become a voice to the voiceless”, especially to assert the Human Rights of the Individual and to be a role model to others. To this end, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Law degree with a firm of advocates.


I am reminded of the words of Robert Frost: “Two roads diverged in the woods, and I – I took the one less travelled by - and that – that has made all the difference.”Thank you to the Gatoto leadership and community, for encouraging my inspiring thinking and to adopt a “less travelled” road!

Diana Musenya


I am an Alumnus of Gatoto Primary School, which I attended from 1997 – 2003, while my high school years at – Kinyui Girl’s High School and at Nairobi University – were financially supported and encouraged by Gatoto. While waiting for Government sponsorship, to attend the University of Nairobi, I worked for two years – and during university holidays - as a teacher assistant at Gatoto Primary and acted as a guide and mentor to current and former Gatoto pupils. Through this continued and on-going involvement, I was able to give back for the highly appreciated financial, emotional and moral support that the Gatoto programme has given to me. I would also like to contribute to making a positive impact on the lives of others, as the school had impacted so strongly on my life.


After successfully graduating with a BA in Economics and Commuciation (Second Class Honours Dvision) in 2013, I continued my participation in Gatoto programmes and community work – Child Life International (Makuru slums), Rotaract International etc - assisted by my certificate in Guidance and Counselling (NYGCA), and a certificate in Conversational Level in Sign Language.


Gatoto friends, financial support and programmes have paved the way for my progress and passion for education, community work, upliftment and support.

Ibrahim Meso


I am an orphan and one of six brothers from the Makuru slums. My primary education was completed at Gatoto in the year 2008. The school educated my brothers and myself, through the Gatoto Integrated Development Programme. My high school years were successfully completed and I am currently at Nairobi University to further my studies.


Gatoto and their valued sponsors rescued my siblings and myself from a life of crime, drug addiction and sexual immorality by providing the moral support, education and financial assistance to fulfill my dreams and goals. I hope to return to hold another “Child’s Hand” and offer them the same invaluable guidance I have received.

Wright Nyangena Ogenche


Date of Birth: 23 December 1989


I am indeed indebted to Gatoto Community Sponsorship Programme for the massive financial support afforded to me, in the pursuit of my educational endeavors. I attended Gatoto Community Primary School (1995 – 2003) and thereafter Nyakoiba Secondary School. My first class honors degree in a Bachelor of Business Administration (with Information Technology), Accounting Option from the Maseno University was awarded in 2013. I am hoping to pursue my Masters degree in Pure Mathematics and Applied Statistics, again with the support and sponsorship from Gatoto.


I was given a golden opportunity to fulfill my aspirations and become the best version of myself I could be, by the caring, generous and inspirational community at Gatoto. To give back for the guidance and assistance I have received, I have acted as a temporary class teacher at this remarkable school, and also hope to help other students to realize their dreams. 

Walter Shivo Masambu


Date of Birth: 23 August 1985


The holistic education I received at Gatoto Primary School (1992 – 2000), paved the way for my secondary and university education, career path and numerous extra-mural activities – presentation of academic papers, leadership roles, talent shows, sport participation and philanthropic activities.


My Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Tourism Management from Moi University facilitated and provided opportunities for the development of my skills and values. I am currently undertaking a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA).


I returned to Gatoto for a year, as an untrained teacher, prior to attending University. The principles of integrity and honesty that I learnt during my primary education at Gatoto, have been exemplified in my life, while I am committed to rendering a dedicated, high quality and responsible service in all that I do. Above all, I would like to inspire my juniors and the needy as a successful role model, as I have been motivated, inspired and supported by the Gatoto community in my life.

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